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Biotechnology is a smart blend of fundamental biological sciences and traditional engineering principles. It encompasses a wide slew of topics such as molecular biology, cell biology, application of biotechnology, biochemical processes, genetics etc. Biotechnology is not only the study of chemical processes in living organisms but also of the structures and functions of cellular components. It’s okay if you get confused with all the complications involved in this discipline. Biotechnology assignment help includes bio-sciences that constitute a vast discipline comprising of biotechnology and its sub-field. Opt for our biotechnology assignment help being offered by our experts.

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What Is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology can be described as a type of technology based on biology. Biotechnology deals with cellular and biomolecular procedures for developing technology and products that can enhance our lives and improve the health of planets. We have been using different biological activities for over 6,000 years for making useful food products like bread, cheese, alcohol and preserve other dairy products. It exploits living organisms for developing technologies that can make a sustainable planet. It can be applied to different sectors, including the medical and agricultural sectors. 

What Topics Are Covered In Biotechnology?

  • agricultural and plant biotechnology
  • analytical biotechnology
  • biochemical engineering
  • bioinformatics
  • biostatistics
  • bioenergy
  • bioethics
  • biological engineering
  • biomarkers
  • biomaterials and bioproducts
  • biomedical engineering related to biotechnology
  • biomining and bioremediation
  • bionanotechnology
  • biopolymers
  • bio-robotics

No matter what topic you might be looking for, you will find a wide range of biotechnology assignment help. Choose your topic quickly


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Opt For Our Biotechnology Assignment Help

Biotechnology consists of multiple branches and we offer online biotechnology assignment help for all. The most common branches we offer biotechnology assignment help for include:

  • Biochemistry

This one deals with the use of biology and chemistry in regards to living organisms. Sounds confusing? Opt for our biotechnology assignment writing help.

  • Genetics

It is the study of heredity and genetic variations in organisms. We have experienced Genetics assignment help experts to help you out in all areas of genetics.

  • Molecular Biology

This study deals with the molecular basis of biological activities. Our molecular biologists help out in all areas of Molecular biology.

  • Plant Biotechnology

This science of biotechnology is specific to plants only. Get biotechnology assignment help from us to tackle this paper with ease.

  • Animal Biotechnology

This science of biotechnology is specific to animals only. Don’t worry if you need help with this branch of biotechnology. Order your paper with us.

This is just a glimpse of what we offer. We also provide biotechnology assignment help for microbiology, molecular biology, DNA sequencing, etc.

Sample Question And Solution Of Biotechnology Assignment

PHL260 Bioethics And Biotechnology For Human Cloning


1. By reference to the argument from “procreative beneficence” explain the position that we have a moral obligation to use genetic enhancement technology to produce the best possible children we can. Evaluate that argument: do you agree/disagree? Provide reasons to defend your evaluation, and respond to at least one objection to it.

2. In your opinion, is it morally permissible to use cloning techniques to create human embryos that are solely intended for research? Explain and defend your view, giving reasons and responding to at least one objection to your view.



Human cloning refers to the therapeutic cloning of embryonic cells with the aim of obtaining transplant organs which can be used in the treatment of injured nerve cells and other health-related functions. Human cloning refers to the general reproductive process of cloning of somatic cell nuclear transfer in order to obtain eggs that could be used to develop into adulthood phase. Human cloning has often been used to refer or to suggest for improved genetic engineering through the cloning of individuals. Biological definition entails obtaining copies of biological identities, (Lew, 2018). Read More

Trust Our Biotechnology Assignment Writers

Over 4.54,521 students get biotechnology assignment help from us on a daily basis. We have experienced tutors, professors and scholars to take care of your paper with the utmost precision. Biotechnology promises a slew of solid career options. We will help you fetch good grades in this paper. Thus, it will be easier for you to make the most of the career opportunities. Your professor may ask you to write the assignment based on different concepts. We are well-versed with all of them. Some of the common concepts we offer biotechnology assignment help for include:

  • Bio-Informatics

Bioinformatics uses computer science, mathematics and other subjects to study and process biological data. It also includes genetic mapping and processing gene-related information. Let our biotechnology assignment writers help you out.

  • Bio-Robotics

Bio-robotics is all about developing robots that can emulate biological functions. Don’t worry if you have been asked to write an assignment on this topic. Our biotechnology assignment writers will assist on biotechnology topics for assignment you in the best possible way.

  • Bio-Agriculture

Is your assignment related to transgenic varieties, bio-pesticides or bio-fertilisers? Then opt for our biotechnology assignment writing service now. We will cover this aspect of biotechnology according to your professor’s expectations.

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History Of Biotechnology

Humans have been inadvertently using biotechnology in order to modify plants and convert food sources. Early agriculturalists used to select crops that would resist the attack of pests and insects and also lead to the highest amount of yield. Later on people discovered organisms that would trap nitrogen and lead to greater productivity. Then fermentation was discovered which was used in brewing and leavening of bread. Another use of biotechnology was in the animal kingdom. People for a long time had done selective breeding without knowing that it was another form of bio-technological innovation. Later in the 19th century, Charles Darwin came up with the idea of natural selection of species while explaining his theory of evolution. The third most important usage of biotechnology was in the field of medicine. In 1917, Chaim Weizmann used microbiological culture in an industrial process in order to produce acetone which was utilized in producing explosives. In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillium which led to the development of antibiotics.

Recent years have seen astounding discoveries being made in the field of genetics, bioinformatics, and bio-robotics. The marvels of genetic engineering are for everybody. Scientists nowadays can tweak the genetic structure of an organism by introducing a new DNA. The result is the birth of a GMO or a genetically modified organism that has an altered genetic makeup. A GMO bacterium was discovered in1973. The GMO mouse was discovered in 1974 and from 1994, genetically modified food was produced commercially.

Application Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has not only diversified into several sub-disciplines, its application in various fields has also increased manifold. We primarily mention three areas of research in our biotechnological assignment help. They are:

  • Agriculture

In agriculture, biotechnology is applied in several different fields. They are used to manufacture genetically modified organisms (GMOs), production of biofuels, pharmaceutical agents and bioremediation. Several successful GMOs have been produced in recent years. The production of GMOs has attracted some controversy in recent years and therefore needs to be dealt with separately. Our biotechnology assignment help include genetic engineering focus on producing genetically modified crops, fish etc. However, governments across the world are still not sure about the use of GMOs and as such regulations differ from one country to another. USA allows patenting, cultivation, import and export of GMO crops. Europe on the other hand allows the cultivation of select few varieties of GMO crop but allows the import of most of them. Want biotechnology assignment help online? is the right place!

  • Medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, biological information is constantly used to produce newer drugs. Pharmacogenomics combines pharmacology and genetics to understand how drugs work on human bodies. Cutting edge research work on stem cell has been made possible. Research on diseases like HIV/AIDS and Cancer is facilitated by biotechnology.  Our biotechnology assignment help experts survey numerous companies that produce drugs and other pharmaceutical products using biotechnological methods. Novo Nordisk of Denmark, Amgen, Gilead Sciences and Celgene of USA and Dr Reddy’s Lab of India are some of the biggest biotechnology-based pharma companies of the world.  Avail biotechnology assignment help from us at the best rate!

Our biotechnology assignment help include genetic testing as an important application of biotechnology. It is used for two purposes:

  1. Find out the inherited diseases of a child
  2. Find out the parentage of the child in cases of dispute over his or her ancestry.
  • Industry

Industry, application of biology has been to produce new chemicals, food products, detergents, bio-fuels, etc. In doing so, biotechnology can help in lowering the green house gas emissions and carbon footprints.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Q. What Is Biotechnology And Its Applications?

The use of living organisms, their parts or by-products to develop technologies and products for the wellbeing of humans is known as biotechnology. Biotechnology deals with organisms that are genetically modified like plants, animals, and microbes for the production of useful industrial products.

Biotechnology is applied in several sectors like bioremediation, energy production, waste treatment, and other major industrial areas, including health care, crop production and agriculture. It is also used in the production of biodegradable plastics, vegetable oil, biofuels, beer brewing, and anti-aging cosmetics.

Q. What Is Biotechnology Used For?

Biotechnology has several uses in medicine and agriculture. Here are some benefits of Biotechnology.

Nutrient supplementation

Abiotic Stress 

Industrial biotechnology 

Strength fibres



Q. What Are The Four Types Of Biotechnology?

The four types are:

  • Red Biotechnology combines all Biotechnology uses for developing medicine and veterinary products, which includes producing vaccines and developing new drugs.
  • White Biotechnology or industrial Biotech aims to design more energy-efficient and pollution-free resource-consuming processes and products.
  • Yellow Biotechnology is the use of Biotechnology in food production like making wine, cheese, and beer brewing.
  • Grey Biotechnology focuses on maintaining biodiversity and removing pollutants using microorganisms and plants.
  • Green Biotechnology focuses on creating new opportunities on the agricultural interest.
  • Blue Biotechnology is based on the use of marine resources to develop products of industrial interest.

Q. What Is The Importance Of Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is crucial for its application in the health and medicine sector. Through genetic engineering, scientists create new vaccines and drugs to help humans combat health conditions. Biotechnology is also incredibly beneficial in the agricultural industry. New and improved seeds yield more per acre.

With improved biofertilizers and biopesticides, the plants naturally resist pests and insects. The productivity of farm products also increases, which boosts the income of farmers. Also, by using environment-friendly products, there’s less carbon emission and a decrease in the use of agricultural chemicals.

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